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Monday, June 06, 2005

Foley Gets Some Competition Within Journos Union; Hiawatha Bray Stands Tall

Hiawatha Bray ain't gonna take it anymore! Here's his flyer announcing his candidacy for the Newspaper Guild's governing board:

"Write in
"For BNG Executive Committee At Large On May 13, in a speech in St. Louis, Newspaper Guild president Linda Foley accused the US military of deliberately murdering journalists in Iraq. She presented no evidence for this assertion, and has refused to offer any. I know, because I’ve phoned her multiple times.

"Foley has said that she will make no further public comment on the matter. This won’t do. I take my union membership very seriously. I’m a veteran of the 1995 Detroit newspaper strike. While many of my colleagues went back to work, I refused to cross the picket line. It cost me a job, but I couldn’t see stabbing my fellow union members in the back.
"Today the nation’s bravest men and women are fighting and dying on our behalf. We who are safe at home are under no obligation to support the war, but we have no right to lie about those who are fighting it, slandering them even as they risk their lives for our sakes. It’s reprehensible, and I won’t have it.
"That’s why I’m asking for your write-in vote for an at-large seat on the Executive Committee of the BNG. In that position, I’ll do my best to demand accountability from our national union leaders, and to uphold the honor of our profession.
"In addition, I urge you to contact the Guild at (202) 434-7177 and demand an explanation. For more information on Foley’s comments, visit my Web log—choosehonor.blogspot.com. Also, contact me by e-mail at watha@monitortan.com.

This could be the most important election of 2005. Hat Tip to Instapundit.