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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Former Staffer Casts "Skeptic's Eye" on FEC, Campaign Finance Issues

Allison Hayward has worked on Capitol Hill, for Washington law firms and for FEC Commissioner Brad Smith. She's also proprietor of the recently activated "Skeptic's Eye" blog. Hayward combines an insider's knowledge of how federal commissions like the FEC function (please note, I did not use the word "work") with a keen political sense and a solid background in campaign finance law at the state and federal levels.

Does that sound like the perfect background for somebody devoted to, among other things, Little Feat, the band that gained immortality with its rendition of "One Ton Tomato" more years back than I want to recall.

Anyway. Hayward is now on my blogroll and will be visited regularly. You should do the same.