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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sen. Conrad Burns Latest Solon To Co-Sponsor Online Freedom of Speech Act of 2005

Another senator has decided to join the unlikely duo of Sen. Minority Leaders Harry Reid, D-NV, and Sen. Tom Coburn, R-OK, as a co-sponsor of The Online Freedom of Speech Act of 2005. Sen. Conrad Burns, R-MT, told RedState.org that he will announce his decision with a floor statement tomorrow that will open as follows:

"Mr. President, I rise today to express my support for the Online Freedom of Speech Act which my colleague Senator Reid has introduced, and to request by unanimous consent that I be added as a co-signer. This legislation clarifies the campaign finance legislation of 2002 in order to restore freedom of speech to the Internet.
"The Internet is more than a remarkable new technology, Mr. President. It's a means of bringing people together. I read somewhere that the most important time in a person's development is the first five years.

"Things that happen during infancy have dramatic effects on how that child will develop for the rest of their life. The Internet is no different. It is a technology in its infancy. We are fortunate to live in an exciting time of great technological change.
"In my state of Montana, cutting-edge technology is creating jobs and industry. But like anything in its infancy, we should be very careful about how we respond to technological infants like the Internet. A wrong step now could affect how it develops for the next 100 years."

RedState.org has the full text. You should also take a look at the details of the bill Burns is supporting, which you can do here via the congressional Thomas system.