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Friday, July 22, 2005

American Press Institute's Morph Blog Says Rather Taken Down by "Citizen Journalists"

Morph is the blog of the Media Center of the American Press Institute. It's an excellent site for professional jouralists and anybody interested in the thinking of and about professional journalists. An entry reporting CBS plans to incorporate citizen journalists' contributions includes this interesting observation:

"The rise of the citizen journalist comes parallel to a time of internal questioning within the Fourth Estate. The recent unveiling of Deep Throat - for, we might add, money - returns us to the crowning moment of investigative journalism, just as Judith Miller's incarceration and the fall of Dan Rather (brought about, incidentally, by citizen journalists) bring up questions as to what are the responsibilities of the vocation."

Presumably, the API, a paragon of the MSM, credits folks like Little Green Footballs, Powerline, RatherBiased, etc. etc. - the blogs that led the unmasking of Rather's fake National Guard memos Bush hit piece on "60 Minutes Wednesday" late in the 2004 campaign - merit at least the description of citizen journalists.

Check out Morph here.


Here's what I meant to say in that last graph above:
The API, which is a paragon of the MSM, presumably is referring to Blogospherians such as Little Green Footballs, Powerline, RatherBiased, etc. etc., as these were the blogs that led the unmasking of Rather's fake National Guard memos late in the 2004 campaign. I think it is significant that API is willing to credit bloggers with being journalists of some description.