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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Google Could Be Key to Measuring What People Outside the Beltway, Manhattan Really Care About

Patrick Ruffini is one of those very smart people who can't resist tinkering with the world's machines. If he had lived a century ago, Ruffini might well have invented the internal combustion engine or the telephone.

It being 2005, however, he has to tinker with Google. Specifically with Google's Adwords. Guess what? He may have found a way to use Google Adwords to measure the depth of public interest in any given topic. Among several initial tentative observations he makes is that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are not the major national spokesmen for the Democrats.

If Ruffini is right about his approach to using Google Adwords, bloggers should take note. It may also be a nice tool for measuring things like what readers really want to hear about and whether the MSM or Blogosphere are talking about issues people care about. Check out Ruffini's post here.