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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Here's Why President Bush Should Find a New Job for Brad Smith. And Clone FEC's Dave Mason

Anybody who can stand by the First Amendment like departing FEC Commissioner Brad Smith is the kind of man or woman who ought to be on top of the White House Personnel Office's list of "Must-Hires." NRO's Byron York explains why here. Time for a "Bring Back Brad" campaign in the Blogosphere.

And while that campaign is cooking up, let's not forget the other Hero of the People on the FEC, Commissioner Dave Mason. Full Disclosure: Mason is a former Heritage veep and one of the Right's most knowledgable people on government transparency. When the GOP took over Congress in 1994, it was Mason who led the effort to include in congressional reforms the requirement that congressional witnesses disclose how much federal money their organizations received.

Go here for Mason's FEC bio. There you will find, among much else, this statement by Mason of his guiding principle as a commissioner: "I see my duty as enforcing the law exactly and only as passed by Congress and approved by the President, while keeping the Constitution, especially the First Amendment, the lodestone and guide star for my decisions."

Sounds to me like Mason is the First Amendment's Best Friend at the FEC.