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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Key Post From Skepticseye.com on Early (1921!) Campaign Finance Reform Maladies

And you thought campaign finance reform was something Sen. John McCain came up with one day a few years ago after spending too much time out in the Arizona sun. Skepticseye.com's Allison Hayward did some research and found an interesting piece written in 1936 by V.O. Key - one of the pioneers of using statistical analysis in political science - about California's campaign finance disclosure law adopted in 1921.

The issue then appeared to be Daylight Savings Time, but in fact it was those evil Big Awl (my family roots are in Texas where you have to pronounce it that way while smilling or risk being forced into exile in ... Oklahoma) companies up to their usual tricks to get all us Boobus Americanus to spend more time driving (and buying more petrol). Hayward has it all here.