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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Michelle Malkin on .... Michelle Malkin

Meet the Bloggers blog has a great interview up today with Michelle Malkin, who among much else is asked if she thinks she's ever suffered or benefitted as a journalist or blogger by either her Phillipino heritage or being a woman. Here is how one very wise woman answered:

"I don't know whether I've ever benefited from my ethnic heritage. Of course, the unthinking left will brand any minority conservative who opposes government race and gender preferences a hypocrite if he/she may have benefited from private diversity hiring considerations. Nothing will persuade them otherwise.
"I will tell you this: Your skin color doesn't get up every morning and sit at the keyboard. Your chromosomes don't meet deadlines. Your ethnicity doesn't sniff out good tips. In the end, you live or die by the quality, newsworthiness, reliability, and strength of your work--not by the box you checked on your job application.
"The only time my ethnic heritage has mattered in the blogosphere is when critics bring it up to smear me as a sellout to my race/ethnicity or to make bigoted comments about my maiden name and my appearance.The gender question is interesting.
"While I disagree with the Susan Estrich-like complaints by left-leaning women columnists/bloggers that there's some sort of white male cabal suppressing "diversity," I do think many non-academic women bloggers are treated differently by male counterparts.
"I've experienced The Wonkette Effect, for example, where serious matters that I've written, blogged, or talked about have gotten gratuitously sexualized for absolutely no rational reason. I also think that when some male journalists/bloggers can't be bothered to debate/address an equivalent female counterpart substantively, they toss out the "shrill"/"hysterical" bomb and run away. Or they ignore you.
"Despite these minor quibbles, there has never been a better time for women with opinion journalism aspirations and/or investigative journalism\r\nskills to be in the marketplace. Barriers to entry in the blogosphere are practically non-existent. Any woman who wants to jump in, can.
"Indeed, there are tons of fabulous female bloggers, and as I've written before, I don't read them because of their reproductive organs. I read them because they are sharp. Funny. Incisive. Informative. And because unlike Maureen Dowd, they actually know what they're talking about.

Go here to read the entire interview. Sooner or later somebody smart is going to put this woman in front of a camera with a staff and a budget for real investigative reporting. Are you listening, Mr. Ailes?