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Thursday, July 21, 2005

MSM's "We Have Standards, Editors" Argument is Getting Awfully Thin

Bill Keller, The New York Times' top editor, tells USA Today media columnist Peter Johnson what traditional dailies have over blogs:

"'We've only got two things that distinguish us from blogs,' Keller says. 'One is we have reporting staffs who actually go out and see stuff and are trained professionals. And we have standards which are enforced by editors — you double-check things, make sure it's right — and all that costs money. If you aren't giving people the basics — good reliable news, smart analysis and in-depth investigations — then all they're going to see is the same stuff they can get on cable TV.'"

Funny, I thought Jason Blair worked for the Times. Doesn't Keller remember anything from this exchange with Jeff Jarvis?