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Saturday, July 30, 2005

National Press Club's Friedheim Library to Offer Blog Seminar Led by Matthew Sheffield

Now this is news! The National Press Club's Erik Friedheim Library is offering a seminar on blogging and other forms of grassroots media Aug. 22-23. Leading the seminar will be Ratherbiased's Matthew Sheffield. Here's the NPC's description of the seminar:

Blogs, New Media and CYA: a Hands-on Seminar

Want to write a blog?
Want to use new media in your reporting?
Want to keep up with the latest in the blogosphere?
Want to avoid the problems of former Boston Herald reporter and professor, Michael Gee?

The Eric Friedheim Library of the National Press Club is offering a hands-on class to help you learn the ins and outs of the new media. This class will be held in two two-hour sessions during lunchtime over two days (total of four hours) and will cover blogs and other forms of grassroots media as well as how you can use the new media to your advantage.

The class covers Blogs, Forums, Newsgroups, and Chatrooms, who uses each, how they are best used by reporters, and who may be lurking in them. You will also learn where and how to open your own blog along with how to do so anonymously. The advantages and disadvantages of each aspect of blogging and the new media will be discussed in addition to how to use which search engines and monitoring systems to keep track of it all.

The instructor: Mathew Sheffield was blogging before there was even a word for it, starting in the “ancient” days of 1996 when he started a personal site while working at a college newspaper. He is a media and technology consultant who specializes in integrating new media into clients’ public relations strategies as well as helping journalists and bloggers better understand each other.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Yours truly suggested Sheffield as the ideal person to lead such a seminar, for reasons made clear in the NPC statement. I've been a press club member for years and work with Matthew on the board of the Media Bloggers Association.