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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

NY Daily News' Goodwin Has Today's Must-Read on the MSM's Decline and Fall, As Led by the White House Press Corp

Whatever one thinks of the Judith Miller/Valerie Plame/Robert Novak/Matt Cooper/Karl Rove contretemps, watching the White House press corps grilling Scott McClellan has been painful, even embarrassing. Even if one agrees with the premises of so many of the sarcastic, arrogant and obtuse questioners, don't these people realize what they look like?

Michael Goodwin of The New York Daily News has a Pulitizer on his resume, so the man knows a thing or three about these issues:

"That the mainstream media are basically liberals with press passes has been documented by virtually every study that measures reporters' political identification and issue positions. But bias has now slopped over into blatant opposition, a stance the media will regret.
"Instead of providing unvarnished facts obtained by aggressive but fair-minded reporting, the media will be reduced to providing comfort food to ideological comrades.
"Already held in lower esteem by the public than lawyers and Congress, the press risks looking like a special interest group. Its claims to represent 'the American people,' as one McClellan inquisitor did, are easily ignored when it serves as an echo chamber for the anti-Bush."

Read and heed, MSM!