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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Put Allison Hayward on the FEC!

FEC Commissioner Brad Smith's departure opens a seat on the panel that must be filled with a Republican. RedState.org's Mike Krempasky has an outstanding idea - President Bush should use his power to do recess appointments to put former FEC staffer Allison Hayward in the Smith seat.

Here's why Krempasky's idea makes such good sense: Recess appointments are for one year. Hayward already knows the FEC's processes, people and issues and so could hit the ground running, thus enabling the panel to continue its work smoothly while the White House decides what to do about a permanent appointee.

Being as sharp as she is, Hayward might well impress Bush so much that he makes her his permanent appointee. If he goes with somebody else, Hayward still has done the Republic good service and the President will have credentialed her for another appointment at a similar level on another panel or federal agency.

Such a move would have the additional wonderful benefit of bolstering the pro-First Amendment forces at the FEC against Sen. John McCain's next assault on freedom of speech aka campaign finance reform.

Here's Krempasky's full post and you can read Hayward's recent blog postings on Scepticseye.com here.