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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sager: Washington State Judge's Talk Radio Ruling an "Atrocity Against the First Amendment"

People on the Right sometimes look at me like I am whacko when I tell them we are the last hope of the First Amendment. The Left has lost its credibility on Free Speech, thanks to its enthusiastic endorsement of campus speech codes, campaign finance laws that squelch political speech during campaigns and "hate crime laws" that criminalize the expression of unpopular opinions based on religious faith, however inarticulately uttered.

In other words, the simple truth is the Left no longer believes in Freedom of Speech, especially for those of us on the Right. And they will use the power of the state to shut us up if they ever get the opportunity.

But even if you've never looked at me and thought I was a whacko for saying such things, or if you're among the fortunate millions who have simply never laid eyes on me for any reason whatsoever, you still should read this post on the Washington state court's recent ruling eviscerating the First Amendment for Talk Radio. (BTW, the photo above is courtesy of The Heritage Foundation, which has given me what is arguably one of the best jobs in Washington, D.C.).

The column is by Ryan Sager, the superb New York Post editorialist who has done some great investigative journalism that will likely never be recognized by the Pulitizer folks. Which is why winning a Pulitizer doesn't mean what it once did. But I digress.

Here's Sager's point:
"An American radio station was ordered, by its political opponents, to turn over tapes of radio shows and logs of airtime spent on various subjects.
"This is not an amusingly outrageous story. It is an atrocity against the First Amendment."

Go here for the complete Sager column. But if you want to get really steamed, first go here for the link Sager kindly provides to the Washington judge's decision and read it. Then go to the rest of Sager's column. This is serious stuff, friends, and there isn't time left to sit back and do nothing.