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Monday, July 18, 2005

UN Steps Back From Attempted Takeover of the Internet ... For Now

Silicon.com's Web Watch columnist Declan McCullagh of CNET.com has details on a new UN report that explains why the world's most ridiculous assembly of international blowhards, consumate graft artists and rampaging ideologues will not be taking over the Internet, at least for now.

Lots of usual suspects at the UN want to wrest control of the Internet from the U.S. but the report says the would-be leaders of the prospective cybercoup couldn't agree among themselves on the best strategy from among four options:

"Among the governance options put forward by the group were a continuation of the current system, creation of a world body to address public policy issues stemming from the work of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) and creation of a body to address a broader range of public policy issues. The fourth option is to create three bodies, one to address policy issues, one for oversight and one for global coordination."

Be sure and follow Declan's link to his report earlier this year on the Bush administration's decision to retain control of the Internet via control of its master file of authorized domains. That decision came as a shock to some who had expected the U.S. government to hand over the file to a UN body.

HT to Michelle Malkin.