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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Where's the Line for Journos Who Want to Ride the Space Shuttle?

CNN's Miles O'Brien thought he would become the first journalist to ride the Space Shuttle but that didn't quite work out. What did work out was O'Brien continued covering the agency while negotiations were ongoing between his bosses and NASA.

Now I'm from out of town and all but isn't that a blatant conflict of interest? I don't recall there being disclaimers on O'Brien's reporting during that period. Is O'Brien CNN's only reporter capable of covering NASA?

Seems to fit a pattern, though. Remember the deal with Saddam Hussein to stay in Baghdad? Hank Osborne at Land of Ozz has additional interesting details here, including information about the aborted first try by NASA to launch a journo back during the Reagan administration.

Virgin Atlantic impressario is far more likely it appears to be responsible for putting the first journalist into space, thanks to his amazing Virginia Galactic, a private space travel firm that will operate a fleet of space ships modelled on the SpaceShipOne craft seen recently. Given Branson's entreprenurial record of success, one ought not doubt Virgin Galactic's claim it will have commercial space flight operating in 2008.

BTW, if you haven't blogrolled Land of Ozz yet, you should. It offers more sanity than one finds here in the Disneyland-on-the-Potomac, believe me.