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Friday, August 05, 2005

CBS Radio Affiliate Station in Boston Fires Reporter For Scoop on Failed Anti-Terrorism Measures

Veteran CBS radio reporter Flo Jonic got the scoop and then she got the axe from WBZ-Am in Boston. The scoop was about failed security measures at One Center Plaza in Boston. Somehow the FBI got wind of the story before it was aired and encouraged station managers and managers at Infinity to can it. They did. When Jonic fired off a newsroom memo blasting the censorship, she was fired.

Brian Maloney, who has more details here, connects the CBS dots thusly:

"On the news end, though, WBZ features Boston's only remaining large radio newsroom. Jonic's termination and their resulting credibility loss threatens WBZ's major asset: the Bay State's strongest radio news image.Can CBS afford another major news flap, when its image is still badly damaged after last year's Rathergate fiasco? If WBZ has any sense, they'll give Jonic her job back, in short order."

I agree. On the off chance that terrorists haven't already known for a long time about the weak spots Jonic reported, authorities should be thankful for an independent media to point out these things that need attention and thus help generate public support for taking needed measures to fix them.

Or perhaps somebody is worried that media attention will generate questions about who was responsible for the failure to the problems found by Jonic before she discovered and reported them?