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Friday, August 12, 2005

Construction Data Shows New Churches Being Built at Fast Pace; But Will the MSM Notice?

Here's a statistic you likely will not see in the MSM - non-residential construction in June was up 17 percent, according to McGraw-Hill's Robert Murray. That's good news for anybody involved in the construction industry but go a little deeper into the numbers and guess what category of construction is increasing the fastest?

Church construction was up 23 percent in June, which put the category comfortably ahead of schools and amusement parks, the other two categories that were up for the month. For the first six months of 2005, however, church construction, like most of the construction industry generally, was down, so the June increase should be put into perspective.

Still, isn't it interesting that as non-residential building construction picks up, it's churches among the fastest growing sectors? If anybody sees reporting on this in the MSM, please let me know about it.