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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Don't Miss "NewsBusters," Media Research Center's Great New Web Site

NewsBusters went active today and it is loaded with features, including a group blog that should put the Media Research Center in the middle of the Blogosphere's on-going discussion and reporting on bias in the MSM.

The site gets a great start with Ken Shepherd's fisking of the CBS Early Show, AP and Reuters reporting on the miraculous birth of the Torres baby today in Virginia. All three of the news outlets referred to one-pound, 13 ounce Susan Anne Catherine Torres as a "fetus," which seems particularly inappropriate considering her mother had been on life support since a lethal stroke earlier this year.

Her husband insisted that doctors maintain her on the life support long enough to give birth to Susan and thus give her a chance to live. Who knows, maybe Susan Torres will grow up and find a cure for cancer or a way to prevent the kind of strokes that prematurely took her mother's life.