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Monday, August 01, 2005

A Fine Time at Young America's Foundation Panel on Blogs

Powerline's Scott Johnson and LaShawn Barber dazzled an ethusiastic assembly of several hundred conservative students from around the country earlier today during a panel discussion on "Changing America with Blogs."

Among much else, Scott told the great story behind "The 61st Minute" posting that started the downfall of Dan Rather and CBS, and LaShawn provided a moving explanation for her journey from the Left to being a Christian, an independent conservative and one of the top bloggers. She also had some very practical advice for the YAFers on the business aspects of being the proprietor of a blog and advancing one's professional career.

I also spoke and talked about how the Blogosphere is forcing a reformation of the MSM, but we are still in the Dark Ages as far as the impact of blogs on government is concerned. All three of us on the panel, which was expertly moderated by the National Journalism Center's Alex Mooney, were asked a lot of great questions. Young America's Foundation is obviously attracting a tremendously intelligent, energetic and enthusiastic corps of college kids to the cause of individual liberty.

I haven't found a link to the video on the CSPAN2 web site yet, but as soon as I do, I'll post it here for those interested in viewing the whole program. In the meantime, check out the photo accompanying this post, which includes, left to right, Johnson, Mooney, Barber and yours truly.


Ian Schwartz of Political Teen has created separate files for each of our presentations, which you can view here. Thanks, Ian!


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