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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Liberal Blogger Puts Rubicon in Front of FEC on Internet Political Speech, Media Regulation

Liberal blogger/Democratic political consultant Roy Temple, maestro of the Fired Up! America group of Left blogs is moving to force the FEC to make some decisions. Temple has petitioned the FEC to decide whether his online enterprise qualifies for the commission's media exemption.

Temple is the guy behind the Fired Up! America web site and its growing network of state-focused sites like FiredUp!Maryland.com. The sites provide news and commentary from a liberal perspective, though Temple prefers to call it a "progressive" perspective, of course.

In a statement on the main Fired Up! web site, Temple noted that "people are relying more and more on the Internet as a source for news and information about important issues and events of the day. The Fired Up! network is pleased to be one of a large variety of sources for that news and information."

He added that "blogs encourage public discourse. The FEC should clarify the law on this matter so that millions of Americans can continue to enjoy the benefit of citizen journalism, and citizen journalists can continue to offer their views and perspectives without fear that the law will later be interpreted in a hostile way."

You can read the whole petition from the link on Temple's site. The FEC has 60 days in which to respond.


ACBonin on Daily Kos has a good summary of the FiredUp! petition and its relation to the FEC's proposed rule on regulating political speech on the Internet.

HT: Scepticseye.com, who notes that the FiredUp! peteition is not yet listed on the FEC's To Do list.