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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

MEMO TO MSM: It's Not Scopes Again, so Please Read Wikipedia Before Writing About Bush, Intelligent Design and Evolution Debate

President Bush has incited a bit of a media firestorm by suggesting public school students should have an opportunity to consider the arguments and scientific evident for both Darwinian evolution and Intelligent Design.

Since this is an issue that will be with us for a long time, how about the journalists covering it making the effort to understand the issues involved, rather than uncritically accepting the stereotypical framing of the story as a repeat of the Scopes Monkey Trial?

For those willing to do so, I highly recommend the Wikipedia's excellent entry on Intelligent Design, including especially the segments dealing with ID's theories of Irreducible Complexity, Specified Complexity and a Fine-Tuned Universe.

The entry includes excellent explanations for the arguments of both evolutionists and ID advocates, as well as summaries of the major criticisms. Plus, the entry includes a comprehensive set of links to additional reading, news coverage and other external links leading to useful information on both sides.