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Friday, August 12, 2005

Must be Freezing in Hades Today Because The New York Times Reported Air America Scandal

Remember how the Blogosphere kept the Swift Boat Veterans in the news during the 2004 presidential race? The Blogosphere - led by Brian Maloney and Michelle Malkin - is doing the same thing to the Air America scandal, keeping it visible while most of the MSM diddles.

The New York Times finally got around today to recognizing there was some news concerning Air America and a local New York charity in which tax dollars somehow ended up paying for liberal Talk Radio. But there are, shall we say, some gaps in the Times story, which simply assures even more pressure on the newspaper of record to get off its newside duff and starting reporting the whole story.

The Swift Boat Veterans were a major factor in the undoing of the Kerry campaign. The Air America scandal won't be that big but it certainly has the potential to drive a bunch more nails in the coffin containing MSM credibility. So far, only the Times' Gotham competitors are doing what newspapers are supposed to do. Can you imagine how different things would be if it was Rush Limbaugh's Excellence in Radio broadcasting operation instead of Air America?