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Friday, August 12, 2005

Senate Archivist Says Roberts Documents Are Public Records; So Let the Sun Shine In!

Remember Manuel Miranda? He's the Republican staffer who was thrown overboard by Senate Republicans terrified of doing anything to upset the collegial respect and cooperation so generously given by Senate Democrats regarding judicial nominations. Go here and here for a refresher on a scandal that has been forgotten, but which holds several important lessons for today.

Miranda made copies of Democrat staff strategy memos, including those dealing with directions and suggestions they received from Ralph Neas and other Leftist opponents of all non-liberal federal court nominees. His reward for exposing what seems clearly to be illegal collusion was to be forced to resign as Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's Counsel.

Well guess what? The Senate Archivist just circulated a memo to all Senate staff reminding them that all documents, including emails and responses to emails, concerning President Bush's nomination of Judge John Roberts to the U.S. Supreme Court are public documents and must be preserved.

In other words, Senate documents such as those copied by Miranda are public property, not privileged secrets, which is exactly what Miranda has argued since the scandal that cost him his position with Frist. That means every word produced on Senate computers or other equipment concerning Roberts can be viewed by the public. I'm sure staffers on both sides of the Senate Judiciary Committee are eager to open their files to public examination!

Go here and read Miranda's excellent piece in todays OpinionJournal.com. The title - "Let the Sun Shine In" - tells the story!