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Friday, August 12, 2005

Some Questions on the High Cost of New School Construction in Maryland and Elsewhere

As some of you know, I also post on Blue State Conservatives, the fine blog edited by Brian Scott and contributed to by a bunch of conservatives who happen to live in blue states. Since I live in the wilds of northcentral Maryland not far from Camp David, I focus my BSC posts on developments in the Free State.

Dr. Ron Utt, one of my most esteemed colleagues at The Heritage Foundation, has authored an interesting study for the Maryland Public Policy Institute looking at the amazing state of things in new school construction. Costs for building new schools in Maryland are up 20 percent, which is considerably more than the increase in construction materials costs nationally.

I suggest in my BSC posting that a lack of media scrutiny and the traditionally significant level of official skulduggery in Maryland has something to do with the higher costs, as well as the presence of a state-level version of the Davis-Bacon union honeypot on the federal level.

Since school construction is skyrocketing nationally, odds are good Utt's study will possibly suggest some lines of inquiry for your area.