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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Steven Vincent, RIP

"In the Red Zone" author Steven Vincent has been kidnapped and murdered near Basra in Iraq, according to BBC reports quoted by Captain's Quarters. A free lance journalist, blogger and published book author who was in Iraq because he insisted on reporting things the old-fashioned way - actually witnessing events and people - Vincent was a pioneer in the development of the Blogosphere's reportorial record. He should be honored along with all other journalists who have died while on the beat. May he rest in peace.

Michelle Malkin has a roundup of additional info and posts from the Blogosphere, including the recent New York Times piece that may have incited his murderes.


I've been on an airplane flying to St. Petersburg for meetings tomorrow morning at the Poynter Institute, so I've only now had a chance to check the Freedom Forum's Journalists Memorial and confirm that Vincent has been added to the preliminary list of those to be added to the memorial at the end of 2005.

Here's how the Freedom Forum describes the memorial:

"The Freedom Forum Journalists Memorial, located in Freedom Park, pays tribute to journalists who have died while trying to report the news. The memorial rises above the Potomac River with views of the Washington Monument, the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials and the National Cathedral. As of 2004, the names of 1,528 journalists from around the world are etched on the memorial's glass panels. The memorial is rededicated each year to include the names of journalists who died on the job the previous year."

The Freedom Forum gathers information to confirm the circumstances surrounding the death of an individual who appears eligible for inclusion on the memorial. Here is the Freedom Forum's explanation of the process:

"This is a working list. Preliminary research indicates these journalists may be eligible for inclusion on the Freedom Forum's Journalists Memorial. However, the question of why these journalists died has not been answered in all cases. Additional research and reporting will follow before final selections are made.
"Any information about the deaths of these and other journalists may be sent to Susan Bennett, Newseum director of international exhibits, and Indira Williams Babic, also at the Newseum. Bennett can be reached at sbennett@freedomforum.org. Babic can be reached at iwilliams@freedomforum.org."

So if you have any information regarding Vincent's death, please contact Bennett and Babic as soon as possible.