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Monday, August 08, 2005

Townhall.com Column on Giving The New York Times a Break Hit a Nerve!

Lots of folks over at the immensely successful conservative web site Townhall.com read my column on giving The New York Times a break and went through the roof. The emails are still coming in today! So far, 35 have been variations - some not very kind and a few here and there being unprintable - on the theme of "never." And 27 either agree with me or are willing to withhold judgement at least for a while.

Townhall.com is among the most widely read conservative web sites on the Internet. It recently became an independent for-profit organization led by Drew Bond, a super sharp former Heritage Foundation executive and congressional aide. The web site provides the most comprehensive collection of conservative columnists anywhere, as well as a wealth of links to conservative organizations, top-quality research on every issue imaginable and much, much more. Highly recommended in this corner.