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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

AIR AMERICA: Malkin, Maloney Turn Up More Smoking Guns, Including Al Franken's John Hancock on a Key Document

Hurricane Katrina and the passing of U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist have dominated the news for the past week, but that has not kept Michelle Malkin and Radio Equalizer's Brian Maloney from continuing their devastating probe of the financial basket case that is Air America.

The latest revelation concerns claims by Air America on-air personality Al Franken that he knew nothing, saw nothing, said nothing about any of the details of the liberal Talk Radio network's financial dealings. But that claim won't wash any longer, thanks to Malkin and Maloney who found a document bearing the signature of guess who:

"It belongs to Air America host and crusader for truth Al Franken. It is contained in a legal document we have obtained that exposes the Grand Canyon-sized chasm between what Al Franken says and what Al Franken does.
"On July 27, our blogs
first reported on a shady loan scheme between Air America Radio and the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club (which is now under investigation by both NYC's Department of Investigation and NYS Attorney General Eliot Spitzer). National mainstream media outlets have failed to give the deal - and Air America's continued money-flow crisis - the scrutiny they deserve.
"Air America has yet to formally offer to pay back the loan in full, and knowledgeable sources tell us the liberal radio network is contemplating how to stem the lingering bad publicity. Anticipating further negative press, the company is apparently poised to 'settle' the matter very soon.
"Along with the network's current management and
shell-game-playing owners, Al Franken has gotten a pass, even from some conservative commentators who have claimed that it's unfair to blame the liberal radio network's financial and legal entanglements on its on-air talent.
"Those claims are wrong.
"According to a November 2004 settlement agreement between former Air American head honchos Evan Cohen and Rex Sorensen and Air America's current owners and investors at Piquant LLC, Al Franken was smack dab in the middle of negotiations over the debts owed by the liberal radio network, including the Gloria Wise loan.

"The agreement was signed to clear the decks in advance of the questionable asset transfer from Air America's old owners, Progress Media and Radio Free America, to Piquant. (This is the transfer being challenged by Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Inc. as a 'fraudulent conveyance,' which we first reported exclusively in the first installment in our investigative blog series, 'A Trail of Debts.')
"Far from being an innocent party with no knowledge of Air America's money woes, Franken was a signatory to the agreement. The document, published
here for the first time, exposes how Franken misled his listeners and the press about his knowledge of the charity loan."

Maybe the title of Franken's next book should be "Busted!"

Get the complete update here.