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Monday, September 26, 2005

How Could the MSM Get So Much Wrong on Katrina? What Will the MSM Do About It?

It's not a pretty picture that is emerging of the accuracy of much of the MSM's reporting on the deaths caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, particularly at the Superdome and Morial Convention Center.

Powerline's John Hindraker surveys the growing evidence of utterly false reporting and wonders if it isn't time to investigate the media. Michelle Malkin has similar thoughts.

Before this idea goes further, as it very well may, the MSM's several professional organizations would do well to call an emergency meeting, appoint a commission of respected editors, academic journalists and knowledgable non-journalists to get to the bottom of what could become a blow to media credibility from which there will be no recovery.

ASNE, SPJ, API, NNA, RTNDA, are you listening?


Even The Los Angeles Times is getting in on the discussion of how bad was the Katrina reporting. Go here for the Times' story. There will be a spate of such stories in the MSM but the key question is whether anything concrete is done as a result to prevent the same errors from recurring. That's why it's important that ASNE, SPJ, API, NNA and RTNDA act now.