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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

If You Can Write, You Can Help Katrina Victims at "Hurricane Job Hunter"

Ever since Hurricane Katrina smashed into the Gulf region, Danny Glover, National Journal's "Technology Daily" Managing Editor and Managing Editor of "Beltway Blogroll," wanted to do something besides simply sending a donation to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. Then he had one of those Cartesian moments:

"Then it hit me: I write, therefore I am. So write I will -- cover letters, resumes or anything else that might help people left jobless by Katrina. My catchy cover letters have opened employment doors for my kinsmen and me. Maybe they can do the same for a few of my countrymen."

With web designer Devin Hedge, Glover has come up with a new web site - Hurricane Job Hunter - as a site where anybody who can write can register to help Katrina victims who need a resume written, an introductory letter for a job interview or writing assistance with some other aspect of securing new employment.

Is that a great idea or what! Go here to check out Danny's new site.