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Saturday, September 03, 2005

NEW ORLEANS: Here's Mayor Nagins' Pre-Hurricane Katrina Emergency Preparedness Plan

My weekly Townhall.com column is up and a reader emailed me this link to the City of New Orleans web site and the city's official Emergency Preparedness Plan. I don't claim any particular expertise in such matters, but this may make some useful reading for somebody who does.

The title of the Townhall.com column is "Angry Left Shamefully Exploits Race, Iraq, Kyoto Against Bush." A major part of the piece looks at a story on yesterday's front page of The Washington Post that illustrates the obsession that leads so many on the Left to see every issue as evidence of American racism. I promise Chris Muir and I did not consult about either the column or his superb Day-by-Day installment today.

Regarding New Orleans government's preparedness plan, check out the aerial photo of New Orleans schools bus yard accompanying this post and this RedState.org diary entry from Tim Saler, who notes of Mayor Nagins:

"Perhaps Mayor Nagin, if he was so concerned about evacuating the city of New Orleans and save all the poor black residents who people like Randall Robinson, Jesse Jackson, and Kanye West believe were slighted by the President and the Republican government, he would have used the over two-hundred school buses at a depot in New Orleans.
"It is estimated that each bus could have carried around sixty-six people. At a round number, if there were two-hundred buses that could carry sixty-six people at a time, that's 13,200 people evacuated to safety -- on just one trip. Now those buses are under water and are mostly useless.
"But instead of doing what he could have done at a local level to save his residents, Mayor Nagin sat on his hands and waited for the federal response, then proceeded to bite the hand that is trying to save his city.
"Days later, Nagin complains to CNN, 'Right now we are out of resources at the convention center and don't anticipate enough buses. We need buses.' You had them, Mayor. You chose not to use them, and now you blame the President and the federal government for your mistakes."

It is sad that these kinds of judgements can be made but Nagin's well-publicized cursing tirade earlier today invites assessments and comparisons.


It took nearly four days but a major MSM outlet has finally reported on the New Orleans Emergency Evacuation Plan first noted here on Saturday. The excellently balanced ABC.com report is here and we can only hope it will be followed by CBS, NBC and the rest of the MSM pack.

And Captain's Quarters directs readers to this prophetic report on the Natural Hazards Center web site on "What if Hurricane Ivan had not missed New Orleans?" The evidence continues to grow that everybody who looked at what could happen if the Big Easy's lucky streak ended reached the same conclusion - It would be catastrophic and a mass evacuation of the city was the only way to avoid calamitous levels of death and destruction.