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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

NZ Bear's Relief Connections Web Site Matches People in Need With People Who Can Help

One of the few positive consequences of Hurricane Katrina is Relief Connections, a web site conceived and brought into being by Truth Laid Bear's NZ Bear for the purpose of uniting the victims of a natural or man-made disasters with specific care-givers and other aid providers who can provide the specific resources needed to address particular problems.

As Hugh Hewitt describes the site, this "new portal [is] designed to match the needy with the willing and to do so with the efficiency made possible by the web and new software." It is in other words designed to bring the genius of the Blogosphere for creating communities of mutual interests and giving them the means of focusing their collective wisdom and resources to particular topics, problems or activities.

I predict Relief Connections will in coming months become a priceless resource for thousands of Katrina victims, as well as a model that will be duplicated in numerous other areas of endeavour. Think for example of the immense communities of Americans dealing with problems like unemployment, excessive financial obligations, serious diseases of many descriptions and inadequate housing or transportation.

NZ Bear has done a wonderful service with ReliefConnections.org. Thanks Bear!