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Friday, September 16, 2005

An Open Letter to CBS News Employees

NYU Journalism professor Jay Rosen has all the luck! He was invited to be the first non-CBSer to post on the new CBS blog, Public Eye. He took advantage of the opportunity to deliver a dead-on assessment of the whys and what-nows of Rathergate on its first anniversary.

What would you say if CBS gave you the same opportunity? Here's one of Rosen's concluding thoughts:

"People of CBS News, you've had a year to think about it. How, if you are dedicated to truthtelling, could you have permitted the near destruction of your network's reputation for telling the truth, during the events I have discussed? What explains your silence, September 9th to 20th, 2004? Did you think you were helping CBS by suppressing the doubts and disbelief you must have felt? Did you learn anything from the experience?"

Exactly what I would have asked! Go here to see what the Professor said. It's a must-read.

As interesting as is Rosen's letter, the comments from CBS News employees that Public Eye receives in response to Rosen should be even more fascinating.