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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

They Better Arrest Francis Scott Key!

Have you ever heard the fourth stanza of "The Star Spangled Banner"? Steve Adams did recently and he says that "last stanza is unconstitutional fightin' words, if I ever heard 'em. I think someone better call the Americannibals United for Sterilization of Church and State. Arrest that Phelps guy. I mean, put him in the slammer and throw away the Francis Scott Key."

Go here for the rest of the expose. The name of Steve's blog, by the way, is "Trophy Husband." He's a former newspaper reporter and editor, who spent a lot of years in several major newsrooms before joining the ministry and hooking up as an Associate Editor of Focus on the Family's "Citizen" magazine. Steve has some interesting things to say on public policy, theology, contemporary culture and much else. Definitely worth adding to your blogroll.


Then there is this moving discussion by Bruce Kesler of Democracy-Project blog and a regular columnist for the Augusta (VA) Free-Press. The Banner perfectly captures what is unique about America in all history.