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Friday, September 16, 2005

Will the GOP be Katrina's Biggest Casualty

People are asking my reaction to the Bush speech in New Orleans. I have a column coming tomorrow on Townhall.com that answers that question, as well as the one posed in the headline above.

In the meantime, LaShawn Barber lays it out in plain English:

"Update: OK, I've listened to the speech. The first and last third were inspirational, but the middle justifies the 'sugar daddy' title. More government handouts. How many of the displaced are willing to accept a job and work for a living when the government is giving away houses, apartments, and money like it's Christmas? (Remember the 2K debit cards?)
"Many of the evacuees, at least the ones shown on TV during the aftermath, were living on government subsidies in the first place.
"Subsidizing 'poor' people will not keep them out of poverty. Empowering them with a can-do attitude, a strong work ethic, and the pride and dignity that comes with supporting yourself without the government's help is what he needed to talk about. Didn't hear it.

"More skin color set-aside programs (money) for 'entrepreneurs' and checks for people already feeding at the government trough.
"What Bush proposes is not an improvement; it's just a lateral, welfare-dependent move to different cities and states. It's certainly not his job to vanquish poverty. That's the job of individuals. But an honest speech would've acknowledged that government dependency does not improve lives.

"Part of the reason so many were stranded in the storm without food and water in the first place is because they were too dependent on the government for subsistence. Why couldn't he say that?"

Go here for the complete LaShawn.


Here's what President Bush and the GOP majority in Congress have done on federal spending since 2001, as compiled by The Heritage Foundation's Brian Riedl:

* The 2001 No Child Behind Act, the most expensive education bill in American history, which led to a 100 percent increase in education spending;
* The 2002 Farm Security and Rural Investment Act, the most expensive farm bill in American history;
* The 2003 Medicare Modernization Act, the most expensive Great Society expansion in history;
* A war in and the rebuilding of Iraq that, while justified, could cost between $300 and $600 billion, in total;
* International spending leap 94 percent;
* Housing and Commerce spending surge 86 percent;
* Community and regional development spending jump 71 percent;
* Health research spending increase 61 percent;
* Veterans' spending increase 51 percent; and
* The number of annual pork projects leap from 6,000 to 14,000.

And now the Katrina recovery will add another $200 billion or so to the budget and drive the annual federal deficit above $500 billion in two years, according to Riedl.


Scott Ott at Scrappleface has the scoop - Bush accidentally delivered the wrong speech text. Ott has the text Bush should have delivered. It is schweeeeet!