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Monday, September 19, 2005

You Big Mouth, You's Simmins Demonstrates Value of CARR for Bloggers With Poverty Data Study

Chuck Simmins takes a bit of time off from his labors in chronicling private sector support for Hurricane Relief efforsts to take a U.S. Census Bureau data-based look at poverty in America under presidents Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II.

Simmins finds, among much else, that wage parity between men and women has never been greater than it is now under Bush II. Neither Simmins nor I can recall seeing a news release from the National Organization for Women noting that fact and giving Bush credit.

Simmins' post, which you can read here, is significant for another reason - It illustrates the value to bloggers of having the Computer-Assisted Research and Reporting (CARR) skills that are taught at the Media Bloggers Association's Database 101/201 CARR Boot Camp this Friday and Saturday in the Bloomberg Training Center of the Erik Friedheim Library of the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

The event is co-hosted by MBA and The Heritage Foundation's Center for Media and Public Policy, and includes among the instructors experts from Heritage and the AFL-CIO's Economic Policy Institute.

You can view the agenda here. Attendance is free and you can enroll here. Classes are limited to 15 and there are only four seats still available. The first MBA-Heritage CARR boot camp was held in conjunction with BlogNashville May 5-6 at the Freedom Forum's Diversity Institute near Vanderbilt University. You can read more about it here.