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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Big 12 Officials Teleconferenced on Stadium Security Measures After OU Bombing

Officials from Big 12 Conference schools held a special teleconference earlier this week to discuss the Hinrichs suicide bombing at the University of Oklahoma's Memorial Stadium Oct. 1. Police chiefs from several of the conference cities participated in the teleconference, as well as the schools' stadium managers and other campus officials.

"They were very interested to learn what may have happened, the process involved in the investigation, and seeing it as an opportunity to look at the effects on a campus and make any changes that might be necessary," said Bob Burda, Big 12 Assistant Commissioner for Communications in Dallas.

Burda did not know if Big 12 officials had been in contact with federal law enforcement officials as a result of the OU bombing.

Gail Dent, a spokesman for the National Collegiate Athletic Association, said she was "not aware of any discussions" among NCAA officials about security measures as a result of the OU bombing. She said the NCAA has met in the past with U.S. Department of Homeland Security regarding security measures for championship games.

Officials at the University of Michigan said they are not making any changes in security measures at the school's Ann Arbor stadium. UM has one of the naton's largest Muslim Students Association. Detroit has the nation's largest concentration of individuals claiming Arabic ethnicity.