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Thursday, October 13, 2005

FBI Tells Oklahoma Congressman Agency Can't "Confirm or Deny" if Hinrichs Tried to Enter Football Stadium During OU-Kansas State Game

Here's the headline on today's OU Daily article: "New Information Shows No Link." Read through the story, however, and the only new element is comments from Rep. Tom Cole, R-OK, whose district includes Norman.

Cole said he talked to Salvador Hernandez, FBI Agent in Charge of the FBI in Oklahoma, about the Hinrichs bombing investigation and was told the same thing the agency and University of Oklahoma President David Boren have said from day one - Hinrichs had no terrorists links.

Here's how the OU Daily's Scooby Axson reported Cole's explanation of his conversation with Hernandez:

"Cole said from what Hernandez told him, Hinrichs was not involved in a terrorist organization, and there is no evidence to support rumors that he had recently developed Islamic ties."

Other than it being Cole saying it, there is still nothing new in that statement.

Then comes this graph, which is third from the bottom of the story:

"There is no reason to believe there is a conspiracy," he said. "I asked (Hernandez) specifically if Hinrichs tried to enter the stadium. He said it was unlikely, but wouldn't confirm or deny it."

Read that again. Asked by a Member of Congress if Hinrichs tried to get into Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, the FBI Agent in Charge said it was "unlikely." No wonder he wouldn't "confirm it or deny it." They don't know. "Unlikely" is another way to say "We don't think so but we can't be sure."

If the FBI isn't certain about this issue, how can they be so absolutely certain that Hinrichs had no terrorist links whatsoever?

The only new information I see in this story from the OU Daily is the chief FBI man won't confirm or deny a basic fact in assessing if Hinrichs had terrorist intentions.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I was a year behind Tom Cole at Moore High School in Oklahoma in the mid-1960s and have admired him greatly ever since those days. His mother, Helen Cole, was a wise and patient mentor to me and countless other youngsters in the Oklahoma Teen Age Republicans many years ago.