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Friday, October 21, 2005

Iowahawk Offers Better Blogging Class - Heh!

New to blogging? Find yourself constantly tempted to imitate the master in your search for more daily traffic? Be careful. Iowahawk explains why it's vital that you properly understand the Rule of Pith in blogging:

"The lesson here is clear: as a good blog citizen, you should respect others' pithword rights, or at least create a cheap knockoff. The good news is that I've done an exhaustive records search, and discovered that the following somewhat similar pithy link words were all untrademarked: HO, HAHAHA, HEE HEE, SNORK, SNORNK, BWAHHHA, CHAH, HUH?, WTF?, GAH, PHEH, OMG, and YIRF. The bad news is that now I've copyrighted all of them and their variants, and have put Glenn Reynolds on retainer."

This wisdom is just a tiny sampler from Iowahawk's "How to Blog Good, Part 2." If this does not make you cackle, call your cardiologist because you are clearly approaching room temperature.

Can you imagine what would happen if Iowahawk and Chris Muir ever got into the same room at the same time?