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Monday, October 31, 2005

Look What the Powerline Guys Have Done!

They've added video to Powerline News for sports, politics, entertainment, you name it. And original news video available only on Powerline News Video is right around the corner, starting with exclusives from Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

John, Scott and Paul have been rather low-key about their Powerline News endeavour, but I think it's much more important than perhaps even they realize as a harbinger of how the Blogosphere is becoming the nation's basic news media.

Powerline News is coalescing the major previously disparate media elements of news, including print, audio and now video to one platform, the Internet blog. The process will take another major step forward when Powerline News begins offering original news coverage, perhaps in the form of in-depth special reports on big issues produced in partnership with like-minded organizations.

From there, Powerline News could originate beat-by-beat news coverage by becoming a trusted aggregator of trusted reporting produced by credible independent journalists - think Chris Nolan and Michael Yon. Compensation could be based on a regular retainer or a formula based on visits or page views per story.

Powerline's Scott Johnson offers this upbeat observation in announcing the addition of video:

"From there, the sky is the limit. Next time there is political upheaval or natural disaster anywhere in the world, anyone on the scene can send us video and, if we think it's newsworthy, we can put it up. This is only the beginning."

This is indeed only the beginning and it - or something very like it - could quite easily get much bigger much sooner than the Powerline trio or anybody else expects.

Remember, when Henry Ford produced his first Model T, he couldn't have envisioned the Ford GT.