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Thursday, October 06, 2005

OU Stadium, NYC Subway Threat: Were These the First Two Planned Attacks in a Ramadan Offensive?


First, Joel Henry Hinrichs blows up himself Oct. 1 just outside of the Oklahoma Memorial Stadium and the 84,000 fans watching the Sooners play the Kansas State Wildcats. Packed football stadiums are prime targets for terrorists.

Second, first fasting day of Ramadan is Oct. 5. Anti-terrorist experts and indeed millions of Muslims around the world fear potential terrorist attacks designed "to make a statement" during the most significant holiday on the Muslim calender.

Third, a credible threat to place 19 briefcase bombs in the New York City subway system is uncovered and apparently foiled.

Was the OU bombing intended as the opening attack and the now-foiled subway attack the second in a Ramadan offensive here in the U.S.? Where will the third attack come?

Think about the impact of successful attacks that killed thousands in Norman and hundreds more in New York. Message: We can get you in your heartland and we can get you in the heart of your biggest city.


Others are making the same connections and to other important recent events in the War on Terrorism such as the recent arrest of a Taliban figure in Pakistan. The Analyst Blog is by somebody with experience in the field, literally, and years of experience culling through data and information in search of vital information.


AP reports that last night's Rolling Stones concert at the University of Virginia was interrupted for half-an-hour for a bomb squad to search the stage area. Nothing was found so it was probably just a prank telephoned threat, right? Generation Why says maybe not if this passage (reported last month by CNS) from Bin Laden's May 05 letter to Zarqawi wasn't simply a false threat. Read GW's whole post for a rich update on OU and NYC subway developments and background.