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Monday, October 17, 2005

Public's Right to Know Truth Threatened by Anti-Blog Power Grabs at FEC, UN

Democracy Project's Bruce Kesler has this week's first must-read in his regular column for the Augusta Free Press. Did you know the UN is seeking to seize control of the Internet? Can you imagine what would happen to the Blogosphere and independent news reporting and commentary if Kofi Anan and the Third World thugs who control the UN get their hands on the Internet?

But the UN is far from alone in seeking to control expression. Here at home, the Federal Election Commission continues down the path toward greater federal regulation of political speech on the internet.

How vital is the Internet and the Blogosphere to freedom of political and all other speech? Kesler gives us a vivid description of that disturbing prospect:

"It is only due to the Internet that opposing views may ever get heard - as in the Vietnam veterans' rebellion against John Kerry's false presentation of himself. It is only due to the Internet that the self-serving conduct by politicians gets unearthed, and they embarrassed, so quickly - as in the spending spree by the Republican Congress in the so-called Transportation Bill.
"It is only due to the Internet that the abuses of sanctimonious leading journalists gets exposed - as in Dan Rather's attempt to affect the 2004 election with false Bush military-service documents, or the hysteric misreporting of the causes and effects of Hurricane Katrina's impact.
"If that's the situation in the United States, imagine what the Internet has meant to the struggle for freedom among those in China or Iran or Cuba or the kleptocracies in Africa.

"It's virtually the only way the oppressed have to get real news from outside, to break out of the solitary confinement imposed by their governments to become members of a global civilized society, to get out truth to their people, and to unleash the worst fear of their rulers - international opinion - and bring approbation on their depravities."

Kesler lays it all out here.