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Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Wall Street Journal Looks at OU Bomber Story; Daily Oklahoman Talks to Hinrichs Detainees

The Wall Street Journal's Joe Hagan and Ryan Chittum survey the story as it now stands. I'm not a subscriber, though, and don't know about the Journal's policy on links. Hagan and Chittum are properly agnostic about Hinrichs motives and I have a quibble or two here and there with some of the details, but overall a solid piece that ought to generate more attention elsewhere in the mainstream media. Definitely worth getting a newstand copy.

Also today, The Daily Oklahoman appears to have added some reporting resources to its suicide bomber effort. The newspaper interviews an Egyptian who is a University of Oklahoma instructor about being taken into custody by the FBI in the hours after Hinrichs died. Go here.


Hagan just provided a link that is good for a week.