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Friday, October 07, 2005

Was Hinrichs Waiting to Return to Stadium After Half-time?

University of Oklahoma President David Boren announced earlier this week that the school is suspending its long-standing policy of allowing fans attending football games at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium to leave at half-time and return after the game resumes.

Here's how OU Daily, the student newspaper, described Boren's Oct. 4 decision:

"The University of Oklahoma will tighten security at Memorial Stadium after a student with explosives died in a blast within 100 yards of thousands of fans watching a football game there, the school's president said Tuesday.
"Security personnel will more thoroughly search bags fans bring to the stadium, OU President David Boren said. The school will suspend for the rest of the season a policy that allows spectators to return after leaving at halftime. Officers will more closely screen vehicles that park in a garage next to the stadium."

In other words, under the now-suspended policy of re-admitting fans to the game, it may have been possible for Hinrichs to get into the stadium after half-time concluded. Could that be why he was sitting on a bench near the stadium when the bomb he was carrying detonated? Was he waiting to make another attempt to get in, knowing security tends to be less strict then?