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Monday, November 21, 2005

Discriminations.com Has Murtha Vote Tick-Tock

John Rosenberg of Discriminations.com has been closely following the Democrats' changing (should we rather say "evolving"?) definition of Rep. John Murtha's call last week for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and the media coverage, especially that of The New York Times' Eric Schmitt, of the ensuing House debate.

Newspapers often publish what is referred to in the newsroom as a "tick-tock" of a significant news event. Essentially a blow-by-blow accounting of the event, the tick-tock typically is concise, to the point and brief.

Rosenberg's Murtha tick-tock, however, is detailed, comprehensive and analytical. It is in other words tremendously valuable for anybody seeking to understand what really happened following Murtha's call, rather than than simply accepting the MSM's warped reporting of things on the issue.

Go here for the complete Discriminations Murtha tick-tock. You might even email the link to it to your favorite newspaper editor with a suggestion that Rosenberg's is an excellent model to emulate.