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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Here's My 10 Most Inspirational Movies Ever Made

From Mary Katharine Ham at Hugh Hewitt's site comes news that the American Film Institute is in the process of selecting the most inpsiring movies of all time, as part of its upcoming "100 Years, 100 Cheers" television special.

Mary Katharine follows Right Wing News' John Hawkins, Constrained Vision and others in taking the opportunity to list their personal favorites. Sounds like something that might become a carnival or some other sort of blogomenon (let that one come trippingly off your tonque five times fast!).

Here's how AFI defines inspirational movies:

"Movies that inspire with characters of vision and conviction who face adversity and often make a personal sacrifice for the greater good. Whether these movies end happily or not, they are ultimately triumphant--both filling audiences with hope and empowering them with the spirit of human potential."

The movies you like say something about your values, personality and life experiences, so some enterprising academic somewhere off in the distant future might come across the results of this budding sociological experiment and use it to study the Blogosphere.

So with that in mind here are my top 10 (subject to revision as other, more suitable entries are recovered in my alleged memory):

The Passion of the Christ
Chariots of Fire
The Patriot
A Man for All Seasons
Stand and Deliver
Red Dawn
Saving Private Ryan
My Name is Bill W

And yours?