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Friday, November 18, 2005

I Don't Often Recommend Books ....

But "Home Invasion" by Rebecca Hagelin, who just happens to be Vice President of Communications and Marketing for The Heritage Foundation, is one that gets my heartiest recommendation.

The fact that she also happens to be my boss here at Heritage understandably might raise a question or two in some minds about the sincerity of my enthusiasm for "Home Invasion." So let me direct you to another, vastly more important and influential guy who also thinks you ought to read "Home Invasion."

He just happens to be Paul Harvey, and, as he might well say, here's the rest of this story:

"Have you yet seen the book called 'Home Invasion'? A young wife and mother named Rebecca Hagelin in Washington, D.C. says there is more than one kind of terrorism threatening our children and us: the perversions of sex that we see in movies and on TV and of course on every news stand.
"They made it so difficult for Mrs. Hagelin to shelter her family from this social sickness that she chose to warn us with authority and certainty that our homes are being invaded now. TV with some degree of sex content in 70% of its programs, with 5 overtly sexual scenes per hour, has to know what it's doing.
"I read her book and I found myself sharing her indignation and this morning I began to share her urgency. When I heard that the LA times had launched a regular pornography feature on the page reserved for entertainment.
"A new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation concludes that we are being engulfed by sex with 70% of all TV programs symptomatically sick and infecting all of us. I'd like your input before discussing the subject any further though.
"Matter of fact read the book 'Home Invasion' by Rebecca Hagelin. Read the book, then let's talk about it."

You can get started by going to this link:
Home Invasion: Protecting Your Family in a Culture that's Gone Stark Raving Mad by Rebecca Hagelin.

This is a timely and important book, especially if you have kids or care about somebody who does or think the day may come in the future when you will have kids.

And that's ... news!