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Thursday, November 17, 2005

I Missed My Own First Blogiversary

One year ago yesterday, Tapscott's Copy Desk entered the Blogosphere with a post entitled "Can the Blogosphere do for government what it has done for the MSM?" That question has been the basic theme of this blog ever since.

But I was in Houston yesterday, with the bulk of the day devoted to preparing a speech before the Houston Petroleum Club Foundation in the evening on blogs and the future of the energy industry. So the one-year blogiversary passed without recognition or comment in this space. I note, sheepishly, that the world did not stop in the absence of that oversight. :-)

On the other hand, what a great evening it was. The Houston Petroleum Club Foundation is made up of a bunch of the nicest Texans you can find anywhere, including especially Jim Woods, who arranged the evening. He's actually a Brit but lived much of his life in my native Oklahoma and retains the relaxed grace one expects in an educated gentleman of the sceptered isle.

Jim also "gets it" with blogs and wants to see the oil industry take advantage of the incredible opportunities presented by the Internet to help the mainstream media and the general public get all the facts about things like why gas prices go up and down, how much profit the oil industry is actually making and similarly timely issues.

I also met and talked a bit with Charlie Davis, a Super Bowl winner with the Pittsburgh Steelers and now a security consultant in Houston. Charlie has a huge heart, is blessed with a great deal of discernment and has a special passion for helping underprivileged kids learn to read.

And I got to meet and talk at some length with John O'Neill of Swift Boat Veterans fame. The audience gave him a much deserved and prolonged standing ovation when I thanked him from the dais for his service to America during the Viet Nam war and during the war that was the 2004 presidential campaign. Quite a remarkable, and a remarkably humble, man.

So all in all, I would say there was no finer way to spend one's first blogiversary than among such stellar folks in Texas talking up the future with and about blogs.