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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

No, Bush Didn't Lie U.S. Into Iraq War

Commentary's Norman Podhoretz exposes the lies behind the charge that Bush lied. This is essential reading and if my saying that makes me a "Neocon," then so be it. The only lying involved in this issue is by folks among the Democrats in Congress, the mainstream media and the Left Loonies of the advocacy and activists communities.

Equally useful is Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes' long-running fisking of critics of the case for links between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda/Osama Bin Laden. In his latest installment, he describes 10 classified documents that ought to be made public ASAP.

In fact, why didn't the Bush administration declassify these documents long ago? And why are we having to learn about them from Hayes? When and why did the Bush administration give up making its case?

HTs: LGF, Powerline