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Friday, November 18, 2005

Senate GOP Leadership Can't Even Write Their Own Anti-Iraq Resolution

Conservatives who came of age politically in the 1960s will recall the "Me, Too" Republican phenomena. One of President Eisenhower's advisors (Arthur Larsen?) coined the phrase "Modern Republicanism" to describe Ike's brand of GOP thinking.

Others took a look at the specifics of Modern Republicanism, realized it was simply an attempt to do the New Deal on the cheap and said it was merely a way for Republicans to claim they would do the same things as Democrats but more efficiently and at less cost. Thus, "Me, Too" Republicanism.

Now, along comes PoliPundit's D.J. Drummond with some very disturbing, but on reflection not at all surprising news about the Iraq "timetable" resolutions:

"First off, note that the Democrats' resolution was the template for the Republican version, to such a degree that the actual document presented for the vote simply scratches out the names of the Democrat sponsors and replaces their names with "Mr. Warner" and "Mr. Frist."

"Let me say that again; the actual Republican resolution was actually nothing but a modified version of the Democrats' own demands!"

Frankly, between the ANWR debacle, the Iraq withdrawal shame and yesterday's House defeat of a pork-less Labor-HHS-Education Appropriation bill, it is impossible to imagine how the Republicans could so a worse job of "leading" Congress.

Go here for the rest of Drummond's post.