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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Thank You, Derrick Z. Jackson, for Telling the Truth About Black "Achievement Gap" in Public Schools

LaShawn Barber explains why Jackson's latest column may be the most intelligent thing anybody on the Left has written on education and race in a very long time:

"First, he’s a black liberal, and other liberals are more willing to listen to him than to someone like me.
"Second, he suggests that blacks organize marches for something worthwhile, like education, instead of the usual tripe that gets national coverage, like the 'Millions More' movement, led by a man who should seriously consider therapy. (The therapy part is my idea).
"Third, he lays out the numbers:
"'According to Nielsen Media Research, the television is on in the typical African-American home 11 hours, 10 minutes a day, compared with 7:34 in white homes. Nielsen translates that to 79 hours a week of TV in black homes compared with 52 hours a week of TV in white homes.

"'On average, black children watch nearly two hours more television a day than white students, which translates to 14 more hours a week that black students could be reading or doing homework.
"'In addition, different studies indicate that the percentage of black children who watch six or more hours of television a day, about 40 percent, is as much as triple that of white children. Virtually every study concludes that when you watch that much television, you will be a poor student in every subject.'"

Go here for the rest of LaShawn's observations and here for Jackson's column. By the way, he's a columnist for The Boston Globe. Then take LaShawn's suggestion and copy the Jackson column far and wide.